The Nuin Center is a premier health and wellness center offering a range of services designed to bring out the most in every person. At this time, providers at the Nuin Center deliver services such as acupuncture, bodywork and Rolfing, psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, and plastic surgery services. We are interested in broadening our services and would like to recruit new tenants with an interest in massage therapy, Pilates, psychotherapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic therapy. Other services you might offer will be considered as well.

The Nuin Center is one of the longest established health and wellness centers in Pittsburgh and has a very warm and positive environment. It is housed in a beautiful building (formerly part of the Mellon family estate) on Bryant Street in the vibrant Highland Park neighborhood. We would prefer to rent treatment rooms on a full time basis, but will consider renting a room to you for part of the week for services that we particularly wish to pursue.

In addition to the beautiful building and warm community of providers there are other advantages. If you are a full time tenant in the Nuin Center, you will have free access to our state-of-the-art internet site to help promote your practice. The parking for your clients is excellent. In addition to a dedicated parking lot, there is free on-street parking without meters or permits necessary. The Nuin Center has a great deal of common space that is very attractively designed and increases the quality of life for practitioners. Lastly, the Nuin Center has dedicated staff 6 days a week to help facilitate your practice and make your clients feel at home.