Michael C. Anderson, M.S., P.C.

Anderson Counseling Associates

mcandersonI am a graduate from Carlow University. I currently hold a M.S. in professional counseling. I interned at Persad Center, which is the second oldest LGBT counseling center in the United States. Persad began operations in 1972. I have worked with a very wide range of clients as well as a wide range of diagnoses including substance abuse, domestic violence, trauma, depression and anxiety, gender issues, and sexual dysfunction. I led two HIV therapy groups at PATF and developed a sero-discordant couples group at Persad Center. I was also trained to do intake evaluations. I was responsible for evaluating new clients, providing a diagnosis, and presenting them to the treatment team for assignment to a therapist. I worked in collaboration with Dr. John Brooks, who was our resident psychiatrist.

My primary focus at Carlow was working with LGBT clients. I have given several lectures on LGBT counseling competency requirements as well as lectures on transgender issues and gender theory.

I attended the University of Pittsburgh as an undergraduate and received my degree in 1995. As an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh, I completed an internship at WPIC. I worked on a research project in the Sleep Evaluation Center headed by Drs. Buysee Kupfer. The project explored the functions of various sleep cycles on the brain. A second study focused on erectile dysfunction. I also spent time providing support in the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center.

I come from an extensive medical background. I have fifteen years of experience working in a hospital setting as an interventional radiology/cardiac catheterization specialist. I have been cross trained in CT imaging and MRI. I have also done work on the administrative side. I headed a project to redevelop the physician ordering system in E-Record. I also did a system analysis of the radiology department at St. Margaret Hospital in order to stream line the patient’s service experience.

I am currently working toward my full licensure as a therapist. I am NCE eligible and a member of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association as well as verified by Psychology Today. I use a cognitive behavioral theoretical background. I have extensive training in art therapy.